For thousands of years, Native North American traditions have used blessings and rituals for many purposes such as honoring the passing of the seasons or healing the sick. But, these traditions are worldwide. In fact, historically you can find them in ancient civilizations all over the world. Those include the most traditional cultures around the world such as the Balinese, Chinese, Zulus, or the Maoris.

But you don’t have to be from an ancient or colorful culture of any type to learn about blessings and rituals. Instead, these are gifts that are free to those who seek answers and solutions. It’s just that for so many decades now, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, so many good practices have been pushed aside for a faster pace of life.

Unfortunately, for many, this fast pace of life is debilitating, and therefore, many are seeking to remember that which we were made to forget. However, I believe that there is a huge need for getting back to the basics and learning to live in the realm of Mother Earth in peace and harmony with our surroundings.

The simple truth is, blessings and rituals are no longer in the “woo-woo” category as quantum physics takes us closer and closer to the God particle. Energy cannot be created or destroyed and blessings and rituals use energy in a positive and healthy way. Moreover, getting back to that which we were made to forget is a fundamental return to truth and authenticity.

“When you light a smudge stick you are connecting with a spiritual tradition that originates from the depths of time.” The Smudging and Blessings Book, Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal.

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