Beliefs, Helping or Harming Your Vision with Patricia Roller V.4

How Our Beliefs Help Us or Harm Us

This is the fifth of a weekly series of videos in which Patricia imparts her experience and wisdom to help us learn to manifest to create the lives we desire.

In this video, Patricia talks about the beliefs and stories we create for ourselves and how this affects our responses to ourselves and the world around us.

How do our beliefs about ourselves, our lives, the world around us either push us back, keep us stuck or move us forward?

Beliefs, Helping or Harming Your Vision with Patricia Roller

We manifest all the time, every moment of our lives. So why aren’t you getting what you want? Learn how being specific gets you the best results! Patricia Roller

Patricia Roller is a Senior pastor at Sacred Space Spiritual Center in Salem, Oregon.

You may also visit her website at Balanced Manifesting.

Return to this blog weekly to enjoy the latest video about manifesting from Patricia Roller. Or, visit her on YouTube Balanced Manifesting where you will find the entire series!


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