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7 Quotes for Your Daily Shot of Courage

We all need daily shots of courage, some days more than others. If you have PTSS, you know ...
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Susan's story

Susan’s Back Story

My Story; 65 Years My story is a long one that spans 65 years, so don't expect to ...
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My Great Great Grandmother Rose Daniels

My Great-great-grandmother Rose Daniels • What I Know to Date

My Great-great-grandmother Rose Daniels was Navajo. This was hidden from me for most of my life, so now, ...
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Balance Maya Angelou Quote

7 Techniques & Tips on How I Strive for Balance

To balance our life is a great topic as the world becomes more complex with each new traumatic ...
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Meditation the basic steps

Meditation Basics for Alpha Relaxation

Relax Naturally with Meditation Meditation is a powerful way to relieve stress levels. Even with a hectic schedule, meditation ...
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Happiness frequency

Happiness Frequency Music

This happiness frequency music is my most listened to healing music video to date. A friend posted this ...
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Self-assurance positive affirmations

Loneliness • Self-assurance • Positive Affirmations

Self-assurance is an unpleasant subject for some people. You see, some people simply don't know how to feel ...
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Love Poems by Suhail Mirza

Love Poems by Suhail Mirza • Tears of Laughter, Happiness, and Love

The poems about love that Suhail writes fills me with hope and the real purpose of life which ...
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Friendship Quotes Post Image

33 Friendship Quotes to Inspire & Share

Friendship quotes as brightly styled graphics images will delight and inspire you and your friends. I've selected 33 ...
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Anxiety Ruled My Life

Anxiety Ruled My Life

Anxiety Was My Way of Life To help relieve my anxiety, depression, and PTSS, I participated in Eye ...
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past fears combination

What I Do When Past Fears Overwhelm

Past fears sometimes overwhelm me and ruin my entire day. The truth is, I never know when I ...
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Binaural Beats Seratonin Release Music Video

Binaural Beats for Serotonin Release

Binaural beats and calm music give you a release of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. In order to better ...
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