Beautiful Minds is about the mental health of survivors of traumatic events of any kind. I write from the knowledge I gain through reading articles, books, watching documentaries, and from my own intuition derived from living with Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome for many decades. We invite you to use this site as a way to share with others and join us on this journey of discovery as together we light the way.🔥

Healing Intimate Environment

6 Ways to Design Your Healing Intimate Environment

There’s a lot of research that indicates a familiar environment plays an integral role in the healing process involved. For the last few decades, health care facilities have played a big role in the research and implementation of healing, intimate environments.

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Secrets that Keep us Stuck

The Secrets of Generations

Are there secrets that you’ve been afraid to talk about for well, your entire life? Do you feel exhausted from a lifetime of secrets that have worn away your will to survive?

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Over use of anti depressants

My Thoughts About Anti-depressants

Our rivers and streams are full of anti-depressants that get there through our sewer systems so that animals drink the water (humans drink the water out of our taps in our homes) and the anti-depressants are then transmitted to humans who are not even prescribed but they’re taking them.

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