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Let me tell you a little bit about why I came to the decision to start this site. My diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder came after living with it for over 50 years. At last, after decades of searching for answers about why I felt and reacted so differently from most people around me, the answers finally became clear.

Please consider this site as a place for resources to learn to heal from traumatic experiences. There are three main categories on Beautiful Lives which include Eternal Spirits, Beautiful Minds, and Healthy Bodies.

Our Mission: SpiritMindBody • Balance

It is my deepest hope that kindred spirits find inspiration to follow a journey of healing in which we learn to make life decisions based on love and hope, not on fear. Please join us on our Facebook Group: Beautiful Lives • Together we light the way.


Warmly, Susan Daniels

Today, each day is full of the pursuit of spirit, mind, and body balance in all things that I do. Below you will find the articles that explain my backstory and a little bit about what happened to me.

Throughout this site, you will also find useful and effective information to help you achieve daily balance in your life.

Writing about my journey helps keep me in balance and it is my wish that each of you find some measure of comfort and encouragement through Beautiful Lives by Susan.

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Susan's Back Story
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