How to Start Your Own Blog

Perhaps you want to start your own blog as an outlet to journal your daily thoughts and dreams. Or, you can use your blog to share knowledge with others on a topic that is near and dear to your heart. Also, you can start a blog to promote your business or to create a business. If you do, then use your website to build a list of followers. What’s more, you can monetize your website and blog posts for multiple income streams.

I created my first WordPress blog in 2011 and there is so much information out there that it quickly became overwhelming. To try to figure it all out, I followed several different blogging influencers and quite often it cost more money than I had to get the “secret sauce” for their success. Nevertheless, with that accumulated knowledge and experience, I move forward daily devising and discovering new ways to create my own sauce that I share here with you.

Everyone starts somewhere and eventually, you’ll have a well-developed blog as a business. Then, you’ll wonder why you waited so long! However, I believe in the Benjamin Franklin motto, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” So, do your due diligence in creating an outline of a business plan before you begin. In fact, I offer free consulting services to help you get the website section of your business plan in order.

Once you have a few well thought out inspirations and ideas for your website, it’s time to start making selections for your website design. The rest is laid out for you below. I keep it simple with no extra expense – only the facts and resources that you need to get your new website going and begin posting articles in your blog.

If you don’t have the technical skills to accomplish this, please review the options in the last section on this page for using my services to install and design your website for your first blog posting.

7 Steps for a Strong Foundation

1. Open an account with

2. Purchase Your WordPress Hosting Account:

Get 4 months free on annual shared plans with coupon code JULYCWV

3. Choose your domain name: Nameboy – Domain Name Search.

5. Select a theme. Astra Theme – Works Best with Elementor Page Builder.

6. Install the theme and set it up for immediate use.

7. Write your first blog post. Yeah!

WordPress Logo

Since I first started this website on WPEngine in 2018, this website has not been down even once. One of the most important fail-safes is their backup system which is as easy as pressing a button while you set and forget your backups for every evening. That’s comforting!

Furthermore, the people at WPEngine host WordPress exclusively so there’s premium support at every level of service. Moreover, the support is stress-free which means, very little wait time at the help desk. It also means the help is friendly, courteous, responsive, and best of all, they know their stuff when it comes to WordPress!

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