4th of July • Freedom Quotes

The 4th of July in America brings up many feelings, thoughts, and memories for most Americans. It is the time we remember where we came from and how we got here. We certainly are not the only free country in the world but after all these years, with all the ups and downs, in peace time and in war, famines and droughts, and the race for space, we are still here and we are still free.

4 Quotes for the Fourth of July

Happy Birthday, America!

Fourth of July Freedom Quotes

I find it easiest to express myself in writing and especially in quotes and KUL graphics. I am one of those people who, even before the internet, actually owned books of quotes. People who knew me well gave me gifts of quotes. I love quotes!

Below are Fourth of July quotes with thought provoking messages. If you want to send any of these styled graphics as an eCard to a friend or family member, simply click on the image to open the light box, then scroll, download, share, or email.

The Freedom Quotes

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