4 Tips to Wake Up Feeling and Looking Younger Every Morning

Whether driving down the street, listening to your favorite playlist, or relaxing in front of the TV, everyone has encountered their fair share of advertisements about feeling and looking younger. In a society with beauty and youth obsessions, it’s tough to walk down an aisle in the store without seeing products promising to turn back the hands of time.

While there are certainly some effective solutions to curb the symptoms of aging, there’s really only one thing that lives up to the promise of “anti-aging”: a good night’s sleep. Follow these tips to wake up feeling and looking younger every morning by learning to optimize your sleep.

4 Ways to Wake Up Refreshed Every Morning

Stick to a Sleeping Schedule

According to experts, adults require around six to nine hours of sleep each night. To help regulate sleep cycles, the human body has a type of internal clock called the circadian rhythm. This process is partly responsible for making you tired at night and ready to go in the morning.

Irregular sleep patterns throw off this internal clock and contribute to drowsiness, difficulty sleeping, and other related problems. Sticking to a strict sleeping schedule is an effective way to curb these negative side effects and optimize the results you receive from a solid night’s sleep. Some experts suggest that adults aim for 10 pm or 11 pm as your bedtime.

Improve Your Room for Sleeping

Most people don’t give a thought to sleep when decorating their rooms. Other than a comfortable bed, the focus is primarily on the overall design of the room. However, if you find yourself struggling to get enough sleep, the design of your room may be the culprit.

Fortunately, it’s easy to transform your room into a sleeping paradise quite easily. Start by removing all forms of technology and clutter that could cause unnecessary distractions. HomeAdvisor recommends adding soft lighting or candles for ambiance. Make sure to close all openings that allow light to seep through, such as windows and bathroom doors.

Perfect Those Midday Naps

There’s a common misconception that daytime naps are a good idea. This leads many people to fruitlessly attempt to supplement their lack of sleep at night with longer naps during the day. Unfortunately, the human body is much more complicated, and those daytime naps set you up for failure while also reducing the benefits derived from sufficient sleep.

If you can’t do without your midday nap, there are some steps to follow to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Try napping between 2 pm and 3 pm and keep the nap at around 20 minutes in length. With this schedule, you’ll start feeling and looking younger because you’re getting the optimal sleep.

Optimize Your Body’s Response to Melatonin

There are misconceptions about Melatonin. In reality, this hormone releases higher amounts in the evening to help the body control sleep-wake cycles. Optimum levels of melatonin, which naturally occurs, helps ensure you receive that much-needed beauty rest.

Help optimize your body’s use of this hormone by getting sufficient sunlight during the day and avoiding blue light from devices in the evening. There are also melatonin supplements which can be effective for improving sleep for short periods of time when you’re suffering from jet lag or late-night work hours.

A good night’s rest also brings with it a host of beautifying benefits – especially feeling and looking younger. In order to reap these rewards, you have to make sure you get enough sleep. Consider making some necessary changes to your sleep habits in order to maximize the results received.

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Written by Guest Author Brad Krause • SelfCaring.info

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