3rd Chakra • Solar Plexus • Manipura • Yellow Symbolic Color

Yellow has been one of my favorite colors for most of my life. I’m attracted to it because of its brightness and it always cheers me up. When I wear yellow, it always seems to lift my spirits and make my day easier.

Interestingly, both the yellow sun and yellow gold shared the qualities of being imperishable, eternal, and indestructible. Yellow is also the color most closely associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura.

Solar Plexus Chakra • Yellow

3rd Chakra •  Manipura

The Solar Plexus Chakra is symbolized by a circle with 10 petals in which is inscribed a downward-pointing triangle.

Chakra 3

This is an energy center that provides momentum to realize your goals and ambitions in your lifetime. As a result, it affects your development of warrior energy and is the drive that helps you to stay the course to success.

The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura is the center of inventiveness, perseverance, self-control, resolution, and realization of accomplishment (Itcha shakti).

You may also know it as Manipura, which is the Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus Chakra. In Sanskrit, Manipura means City of Jewels.

Body Location • Chakra Position

Body Location • Chakra Position

This Chakra is located in the solar plexus area of the upper part of your belly right where the diaphragm rests or “behind the navel”. Additionally, in the traditional system, this Chakra is the third from the bottom so is referred to as the third chakra.

Mantra to Open and Align

The mantra sound for the third chakra is RAM. Chanting this sound will help to open and align the chakra.

  1. Close your eyes, place your hand over the area slightly above your belly button.
  2. Bring to mind the problem or dilemma.
  3. Notice how your third chakra feels when you give it choices regarding the subject you’re struggling with. A sinking or nauseated feeling may tell you that the decision is wrong.
  4. If you present your solar plexus with the right choice, you may feel lightness in the area or you may even feel like you can breathe easier.VIA The Chopra Center

7 Chakras Healing Music • Tibetan Singing Bowl Edition

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. Please note that I have no rights over this video and it is for information and educational purposes only.

solar-plexus-chakra healing music

The Minerals 💎

The color of this chakra is yellow or gold, so any precious gem or crystal in shades of yellow help open up the solar plexus area to bring healing energy to the liver, pancreas, spleen, and stomach areas.

My favorite third chakra healing stones are Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Tourmaline, and the Yellow Topaz.

The Essential Oils 💦

Amber, Bergamot, Cedarwood, or Frankincense are good suggestions to begin your search for the right essential oil for your chakra healing experience. Use your essential oils to create an ambiance in your space that cleanses and enhances your chakras.

  • Ingest to support healthy cellular function
  • Aroma promotes feelings of relaxation
  • Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections when applied topically
  • Supports healthy immune, nervous, and digestive function when taken internally.

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