30-Days of Gratitude • Free Printable Daily Journal

I promised you another journal and here it is. Your free, printable 30-Days of Gratitude Daily Journal! Add this bright and uplifting 45-page journal to your go-to self-care tools and resources. It includes interactive positive prompts and inspirational quotes for a full 30 days of uplifting gratitude.

Journaling allows you to clearly visualize your desires and goals, while creating positive thinking processes and allowing time for deep self-reflection. Feeling gratitude also allows you manifest more of what you want in your life. Use gratitude to enhance your awareness today. Subscribe and download your free 45-page journal now.

30-Days of Gratitude – Free Daily Printable Journal. Design by Elegant Content Guru for Beautiful Lives.

You might be wondering why you should take the time to journal. Here are some very good reasons for keeping a journal (that is if you don’t already keep one).

1. Capturing your brilliant ideas that fade away so quickly.

2. Imagine and write down your plans and dreams.

3. Journal about your spirituality for more awareness.

3. Track your progress to make more progress.

4. Chart what works best for you. (Ya gotta stick with what works!)

5. Remember your past accomplishments and build on them.

6. Plan your future and strategize what you need to do.

9. Remember to be grateful each and every day.

Of course if you have other ideas and inspirations for journaling, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

eCards Designed for the 30-Days of Gratitude Journal

The struggle ends when gratitude begins.

Below are the eCards designed for the 30-Days of Gratitude Journal. To use these eCards all you must do is click on one to open the light box where you can scroll through all of them. For each one, you have the choice of sharing to social media, downloading to your device, or emailing an eCard to a warm contact, friend, or family member.

Also, click through this link or the image above to see how you can get your own free printable 30 Day Gratitude Journal.

Designed by Design by Elegant Content Guru for Beautiful Lives.

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