3 Ways to Easily Add De-stressing Artisanal Touches Throughout Your Home

On Beautiful Lives, we talk about the importance of designing our intimate environments to help us de-stress and relax. This is in an ongoing effort to surround ourselves with artisanal touches and other things that enhance our lives and naturally make us feel better about ourselves.

The Best Color Scheme Plan for You

First, there is the consideration of the color scheme that is the most relaxing for you. Select soothing colors but also add your own bright culture in comfortable pops in the way of wall hangings or other accents.

De-stressing Artisanal Touches

However, if you’re like me, you might stare at color schemes for hours and absolutely love everything you see but can’t make a choice. Unfortunately, that sometimes adds to our stress level so start with a color scheme that is familiar and easy to follow. No one ever said color schemes have to be complicated to be effective!

The Things That Make You Feel Good

Next, the art of Feng Shui tells you that it’s important to surround yourself with the things that bring you joy. Interestingly, this differs from person to person, just like snowflakes. For some, it might be the neatly ironed and folded handkerchiefs that belonged to your grandmother.

crystal candle holders
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For others, posters from a favorite movie will show your culture out loud and bring you good feelings when it’s hanging on your wall. Then again, it could be a crystal candle holder that holds memories of past holidays with family and friends. Whatever it is, bring it out and work it into your design.

Surround Yourself with Comfort

Work your artisanal touches into your surroundings with soft touches like large cushions with artistic prints or throws with natural woven textures. Can’t you just imagine yourself all wrapped up in comfort with these items at hand?

Throws and Cushions
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The fabulous thing about cushions and throws is that they complement the living room, playroom, family room, and the bedroom. Moreover, if you’ve got a low-level Japanese-style dining table, you’re going to need cushions for that.

Here’s wishing you the most comfortable intimate surroundings ever! Warmly, Susan

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