2 Ways to Help Others During the Pandemic at No Expense to You

You can help others during the pandemic at no expense to you and here’s how. As I was going through my morning routine, sitting on the balcony with my sweet kitty, I thought about the day ahead and started the daily thought process of prioritizing what projects I need to do before my work is done for the day.

As promoting my site on social media is one of the things I do each day, I thought about adding posts about the two places I contribute points to help, in my own little way, with the pandemic without spending a dime of my own money. This is done through two services that I use every day. They’re so easy, I don’t know why I haven’t posted this sooner but if you want to help others during the pandemic, you’re invited to continue reading to learn how you can contribute without spending a dime.

2 Ways to Help Others During the Pandemic at No Expense to You

Give with Bing Searches

When you sign up for a Microsoft account, you will earn free Microsoft Reward Points gift cards by doing all your searches through the use of Bing search engines. In my online work, I do enough searching to get approximately one $5 Amazon Gift Card per month. That pays for a little under half of my monthly Amazon Prime subscription, so that makes me happy.

Of course, there are a lot of different types of gift cards to select from and you can also enter contests with your points, among a few other fun things. It’s literally a no-brainer once you get signed in and select where you want your points to go, then the rest is automatically processed every time you perform a search using the Bing search engine. Neat – huh? I think so. I wish I’d learned earlier in life how fast “little points” add up. 😎

However, when Covid came along, Bing began offering the option for their members to contribute the search points to the CDC Foundation. As you see below, I choose to contribute the points I’m accumulating towards the CDC Foundation through my daily Bing searches.

Give with Bing

If you already have a Microsoft account, all you need to do is visit your account and switch your points to “GIVE Mode”. (See “Give Mode is ON” in the image above).

#HowWeFeel Join the Global Movement

Help track Corona Virus in your area by downloading the app #HowWeFeel and checking in every day. It’s easy, fast, and it helps our medical professionals and scientists track the virus.


Using this app, you simply check in daily, answer the questions you choose to answer. In so doing, you donate your data and do your part to help scientists track the virus in your area. The added bonus is that for every new signup, #HowWeFeel will donate a meal to people in need through Feeding America.

In reviewing the sponsors for this app, it’s clear that this is a viable app in which you can do your small part in helping the cause. KUDOS to the sponsors of this app! So, download your #HowWeFeel app now and share the app on social media each time you do to get other people signed up. It’s truly a “WE” thing! After all, every little bit helps. 🔥 Together We Light the Way!

Images shown in this post are screenshots.

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