6 Everyday Activities that Produce Endorphins and Elevate Your Mind

We all want to feel those wonderful endorphins surging through our bodies. And, we all have times when a quick shot of endorphins comes in handy. I’ve listed several ways to increase your endorphins below.

Chocolate, of Course!

6 Everyday Activities that Produce Endorphins and Elevate Your Mind

Yes! Who doesn’t love chocolate? And, we all know how good it makes us feel. However, be careful to select the darkest chocolate to get the best anti-oxidant benefits along with lower calories and sugar.

Take a Trip to the Theater

Regal Movie Theatre

There are few things that get my endorphins jumping better than a great movie on a big screen. For an extra special endorphin rush, choose a movie full of romance and comedy. For an extra thrill, select an action-packed movie in 3D.

Walk Briskly Around the Block

Walk Around the Block Riverfront Park Salem Oregon USA

Riverfront Park, Salem, Oregon

Refresh your day and bring it to a higher level with a brisk walk around the block. If you work away from home, take your walking shoes to work with you. You never know when a quick walk might be the difference between avoidance of a stressful event or the harmful participation in that event.

Take a Big Whiff of Lavender or Vanilla


Get out the essential oils! Lavender or vanilla essential oils will elevate your spirits by increasing your endorphin level. It’s such an easy answer. Simply dab a little oil on your pulse points or just take a big whiff for a quick endorphin lift. Here is a link to Lavender essential oil that you can use right away for your aromatherapy.

Eat a Hot Pepper for Fast Endorphins 🌶

Red Peppers to Increase Endorphins

Have you ever eaten a raw red pepper? Then, you already know about the light-headed rush of endorphins you get when you employ this tactic. Be prepared! By the way, any hot spice will do the trick.

Chew a Stick of Doublemint Gum

Doublemint Gum to Increase Endorphins

As a young girl, I lived across the Willamette River from a mint farm, and I still remember the wind carrying the scent of the mint plants across river to our backyard. The nice thing about peppermint is that it naturally relaxes our bodies and lifts our spirits.

Today, I still love mint and for a quick change of attitude, I pop a stick of good old Doublemint Gum into my mouth. Quite often, it’s the little things that make such delightful differences. 😊

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