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Smart and Simple Head-to-Toe Health Tips

Sometimes, good health feels like a luxury. We live in a busy world, and finding the time and energy for taking care of ourselves can often fall by the wayside. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean overall wellness needs to be elusive. Here are some tips for embracing a lifestyle that keeps you in top shape with […]

Spring and Summer Quotes

Spring & Summer Quote Shareables Welcome to this collection of spring and summer quotes. I absolutely love flowers and having been born and raised in Oregon, I naturally love all the seasons. I’ve lived as far north as Alaska and I’ve lived as far south as Alabama. However, I prefer my temperate Oregon. And, I […]

Wildfire Trauma; Preventative Steps to Take Now

If you live in a wildfire region there are things you can do ahead of the onset of a fire. From the National Child Trauma Stress Network, Wildfire Resources, I gleaned this outline of information for you to follow. For more detailed information, please visit their website to use their resources. They offer a variety […]